USPS changes are coming!

What does it mean for you?

By Sam Doria

USPS is changing its DIM Weight Divisor to 166, the industry standard. USPS previously used a divisor of 194, giving them an edge in the market for larger parcels. For example, a large UHaul moving box measuring 18” x 18” x 24” will now be weighed as 46.84 LB, rather than the previous weight of 40.08 LB.

Changes to how USPS handles package dimensions go live June 23! What does it mean for your shipments?

If your package dimensions (Length * Width * Height) are less than 1,728 inches (43.89 meters), good news! You won’t experience any changes.

USPS previously did not charge for package dimensions in zones 1 – 4. This non-charge is being removed, and package deliveries for all destinations are now subject to being charged for their size.

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So what to take away from these changes? I believe the change in zones 1 – 4 will have the largest impact. For companies shipping large products, the size exemptions in zones 1 – 4 was crucial to help recover their margins on longer distance shipments.

For companies distributing their inventory across multiple facilities in a logistics network, 90% or more of shipments could be kept to zones 1 – 4.

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