27 Reasons Amazon Business should Ship with Premier

If your business uses FBA, you’re spending a lot of time and money keeping up with Amazon’s policies and requirements. When you Ship with Premier, you gain access to infrastructure and experience that allow you to do more with your resources than you could on your own.

It’s no secret among successful Amazon Business, you get more done with a Logistics Partner. Here are 27 ways teaming up with a fulfillment partner can help you out!

1. Amazon's Storage Fee is expensive

You pay $0.69 per cubic foot for standard and $0.48 per cubic foot for oversize items between January and September and $2.40 per cubic foot for standard and $1.20 per cubic foot for oversized items in October-December.

Long-term storage fees apply to any goods left in warehouse for 180+ days. Fees include $3.45 per cubic foot for items left in storage for 180+ days and $6.90 per cubic foot for items left in storage for 365+ days, with a minimum storage fee of 0.50 cents per item.

Use our warehouse to store the bulk of your product, and then we'll ship to Amazon when their stock gets low. Our Storage fee is as low as $0.30 per cubic foot a month! Check out our pricing here!

2. Item Sorting

Products from your supplier will come in differently than you were expecting. We have the tools and the manpower to receive and organize your products with our inventory management system.

3. FNSKU Labeling to Prevent Commingled Inventory

If you don't disable the "Stickerless Commingled Inventory" setting, then your orders can be fulfilled with a different seller's product. That means counterfeit or low quality products circulating in Amazon's logistics network can be used to ship your orders! This will lead to high return rates or even account suspension.

A quality label printer will cost hundreds of dollars alone! Spend as low as $0.10 per FNSKU label when you Ship with Premier.

4. Inspection and Quality Assurance.

End customers expect fully functioning and quality products. Even if your supplier or manufacturer ensures quality, they won't catch issues %100 of the time. Having a second stage of quality inspection before your products make it to Amazon will result in less returns and better ratings.

5. Cross Dock

It's attractive to ship directly from your suppliers to Amazon, but shipments from suppliers aren't made according to their final destination. Save money and headaches by re-organizing your shipments before sending them to Amazon.

6. Kitting

Many products perform better when sold together. A product with low value may not be worth shipping, but if you bundle many of them together it could be worth listing online. We're fully equipped to handle all your kit & bundle needs.

7. Assembly

Shipping and freight fees from overseas can be expensive. To lower this cost ship the components of your product(s) tightly and securely together. Once it gets to our warehouse we can then assemble, properly package, and ship to Amazon.

8. Container Loading / Unloading


9. Shrink wrap and Polybagging


10. Fragile Item Preparation


11. Returns Management


12. Shipment Plan Creation and Optimization

We can consolidate and make your shipment plans real good like. And at the perfect time.

13. Labeling


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