Privacy Policy

We know your privacy is important, and want to be completely transparent about what information we keep and whom we share it with.


When you use the sign up form, we keep the Full name and Email address information you enter. We do never save nor keep the password you use. We keep all information you enter into the Contact Us form once you have sent the request. We keep the information you enter into the Contact Us form once you have sent your request.

We may use your stored information to contact you in the future. We will need to share your information with our shipping service partners and software service providers.


We use Google Analytics on our website views. Here is the official policy of Google Analytics, found at We use the following features of Google Analytics:

-Recording page views and country/region of origin of page views.
-We store the information of the Google Analytics cookies we use. We do not share this information with any third parties, and do not refer it to any third parties.

You can opt out of our google analytics features by sending an email to, or by installing the opt-out browser addon, located here:

Terms & Conditions


  1. Services
    Premier agrees to provide the following services:
    (a) Receipt of Client’s product and storage of Client’s product within a Premier warehousing facility. Premier takes responsibility for any damages that occur to Client’s product while stored within a Premier warehousing facility.
    (b) Upon notification of a customer order, pick, pack, and ship of products ordered directly to customer.
    (c) Unless packaging terms are agreed upon between Premier and the Client, Premier will package orders at its own discretion.
    (d) Maintain accurate totals of Client products stored in Premier facilities.
    (e) In the event of shipping surcharges, charged at cost directly to the Client.
    (f) Premier does not take responsibility for pick, pack, and ship of an order that violates one of the following; the product must exist in the product catalogue provided to Premier by the Client, the Customer must have a valid shipping address, there must be a valid quantity of the ordered product stored within Premier warehousing facilities.

  2. Payment
    (a) Premier agrees to invoice the Client for payment for services rendered at bi-weekly or monthly intervals, to be agreed upon by Premier and the Client.
    (b) In the event of non-payment for 90 days after issuance of an invoice, Premier reserves the right to stop services until payment from Client is received.
    (c) Premier agrees to pay for necessary supplies and services before needed, and to not delay services to Client on behalf of Premier payment.

  3. Terms
    (a) The terms agreed upon between Premier and Client are subject to change at the beginning of each year. Premier does not have the right to change Client’s terms without notification of Client and agreement from Client.

  4. Working Agreement
    (a) Client has no legal right to use resources provided by Premier, including but not limited to order, inventory, and product records, without an agreement standing with Premier.

About us

Premier Shipping and Fulfillment LLC is a logistics company that cares about your brand and takes good care of your product. Our mission is to provide outstanding services and build a logistics network that surpasses expectations.


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