Features & Services

When you Ship With Premier, you partner up with a team that ensures successful logistics. Our years of experience give us the knowledge and resources to provide excellent service. 

Shipping Carrier Options

Take advantage of our discounted shipping carrier rates. Have us automatically ship with the cheapest option, or specify what carrier to use based on any criteria - Checkout, products, customer address, just to name a few.


Ensure that your orders are shipped on time, every time. We ship orders same day, and guarantee a minimum of 99.97% fulfillment accuracy - Or your money back. We offer a variety of branding options - Packing slips, inserts, gift messages, and more!

Flexible Options and Transparent Pricing

Want to use your own shipping account, or provide your own packaging? No problem! You can remain as hands-on as you like, and we will never charge you for using packaging or shipping that you provided - You already paid for it!

Software Capability

Our homemade web portal is your real-time window into the warehouse. View live inventory and order data, or run reports for a bulk view. Our portal works seemlessly with multi-channel setups, kit SKUs and bundles, and more.

Shipping Carrier Options

Take advantage of our discounted shipping rates with all of the major carriers – UPS, FedEx, DHL, and so many more! Or, use your own shipping accounts, the choice is yours. We’ve got you covered for ship low and slow, international express, truckload, delivery duty paid, and everything else.

Logistics Optimization

Our team has experience working with shipping carriers, and we’ve developed a network of solutions. We can advise what the best options are for your business. 

Do you need a reliable logistics team that is dedicated to your brand?

Order Fulfillment

Ship With Premier is a tech-enabled fulfillment warehouse built from the ground up. When you Ship With Premier you get same day order fulfillment, marketplace integrations, and customized processes. You don’t have to fit the mold.

Pick Pack & Ship

With our great team, software, and processes we are capable of fulfilling thousands of orders a day without sacrificing quality or time.

Custom Solutions

Your unique brand has different needs than the competition. Our fulfillment process provides the flexibility and customization to fit your needs. Custom packaging, packing slips, shipment notifications, and more are available when you Ship With Premier.  

Do you need excellent order fulfillment that works?

Web Portal

We develop our own Software

The ever changing E-commerce market has created one of the most active places for software development. The ability to integrate with a new service or update properly will make or break your business. 

Order Management

Product Management


Quality Assurance

Other parts of the supply chain don’t always get things right. Your logistics partner is the last line of defense to ensure quality. When you Ship With Premier you partner with a team of people who ensure quality and success. 

Excellent Support

When you Ship With Premier, your questions and inquires get addressed immediately. There are no call centers or automated responses. You speak to a real person on site who will resolve your issue.

Do you need a reliable logistics team that is dedicated to your brand?

About us

Premier Shipping and Fulfillment LLC is a logistics company that cares about your brand and takes good care of your product. Our mission is to provide outstanding services and build a logistics network that surpasses expectations.


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